SARAH COLLINS - lead vocals

Sarah's career as a professional singer was brought to an abrupt halt in 2012 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  A year after surgery she started to make videos singing to backing tracks at her kitchen table, posting them on YouTube.  “Music is a therapy for me," she says.  "It always has been, but even more so since my operation. I was singing at home, where I was safe, I could block out reality.  Soul music is just a great way to get across emotions and feelings. My Dad was a mod, so I've always listened to that sort of music." The videos caught the eyes of Northern Soul fans and Sarah was invited to sing at festivals and events across the UK and Europe.  "Having sung with live bands in the past, I've never felt very comfortable performing to backing tracks.  Now, with Keep The Faith, I'm so much enjoying the excitement that you can only get from performing with live musicians."


HEIDI RICHARDSON - backing vocals

Heidi has worked as a professional singer with dance bands and taken many leading roles in musicals.  She's also previously sung with soul bands and a three girl harmony group performing theatre shows.


Tina's Dad was a renowned jazz saxophonist and she followed in his footsteps, completing her musical education at The Leeds College of Music. As well as being a respected soloist Tina has performed with leading big bands, worked as a session musician and has led her own jazz trio since 1990. Tina also teaches music, privately and in schools.



Keith gained a BA in Jazz Studies from Middlesex University before embarking on a career as a professional drummer. He's toured extensively with various bands across the UK and in Europe, played many sessions and performed with the BBC Big Band.

BRIAN COOK - keyboards

As well as playing in many different bands, Brian has  worked as session musician, a rehearsal pianist for a record label, a producer of music programmes at the BBC and commercial radio stations, a composer of songs and jingle packages, and as a musical director in theatre.


BAG - bass

After learning his trade on the Northern pub circuit Bag soon found himself further afield, playing gigs in Canada and the USA.   With radio and touring work under his belt, his love of the groove powers the low end of the band. 

JACK ALLEN - guitar

Jack has played nationally and internationally with various bands and artists, covering a spectrum of music from rock and blues to country.